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In the post-modern era marketplace, technology, in particular information technology, is increasingly becoming a critical component of any business. The car park management business is no different. Technology has become an essential tool as well as a strategic platform for the industry to move on to the next level of automation in its daily operations.


Enter ParkCharge, a state-of-the-art contraption for the automated card management, billing and payment system. ParkCharge is the embodiment of the best of today’s information technology to standardise and centralise a total management for car parks.

ParkCharge’s development of a web base monthly parker platform include:

  • Parkers’ registration and approval n Parkers’ account establishment and access card management 
  • Billing system by card and parker account
  •  Integration to car park access control system
  • Reporting tool for effective management information system (MIS).


It is a system that has been integrated with our local online payment platform where new payment solutions are offered to monthly parking customers. As a result, parking customers have the following convenience:

  • Managing their monthly parking amount anytime and anywhere
  • Secured online payment platform and Online billing with no more worries on late invoice.
  • Official receipt is available whenever it is needed
  • No installation hassles n Self-managed account details


The system currently supports more than 90 car parks throughout Malaysia and manages in excess of 12,000 payment transactions as well as 60,000 card data per month.