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SecureVision, our 24-hour national control centre, provides interactive monitoring, online management and operational services to over 100 car parks. It can fundamentally change the way your car park operates in terms of customer service levels, plus provide you with significant cost savings and maximum return on your investment.



SecureVision’s advanced online technology provides effective and immediate communication with customers around the clock with no downtime. 

For car park owners and operators, it means maximum cost savings because SecureVision can replace your staff in virtually all aspects of your car park operation – customer service, ticketing, security, dispute resolution, boom gate operations and more. In addition you don’t need to be a Secure Parking car park to become part of the SecureVision network, and if you have multiple sites they can all be easily incorporated.

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At the heart of Secure Parking’s SecureVision is our National Control Centre which comprises three integrated control centres across Australia. Each of these control centres link to over 100 car parking sites across Australia, providing integrated online voice, video and data connections.

SecureVision’s Control Centres are manned 24 hours a day – every day – by highly trained operators so that you can operate your car park at a greatly reduced cost and with a minimal number of on-site staff, who are then freed up to focus on providing your customers with a more enhanced level of customer service.

To assist you in optimising the financial and operational performance of your car park, SecureVision’s rich functionality offers you a wide range of monitoring, reporting and analysis capabilities. Our reporting suite can provide you with everything you need to achieve continual operational improvements and efficiencies, plus the tools to maximise revenue through accurate forecasting and yield management. Secure Parking can customise reporting to suit your precise requirements on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



SecureVision offers both car park owners and operators a valuable range of benefits and advantages that allow you to truly maximise your car park’s potential.

24 hour a day monitoring: We are your eyes and ears on the ground watching over every aspect of your car park’s operation all day, every day. We monitor activity and deal with any issues as they arise.

Remote equipment operation: We can operate your car park equipment for you, even when you have no staff on the ground.

Enhanced levels of customer service: With our SecureVision staff available to assist customers at the press of a button – day and night – on-site staff are able to focus on managing the smooth operation of your car park.

Minimum investment in equipment: SecureVision’s Plug&Play technology requires only a minimum level of investment in equipment. because we simply integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure.

Dispute resolution: SecureVision’s capabilities include video archiving to ensure that disputes are settled quickly and definitively.

Optimisation of staff costs: With SecureVision, you need far less staff. Your savings could be enormous.

Increase in operational efficiencies: You won’t just save on staff costs. Your car park will run far more smoothly with a minimum of hassles and with minimal equipment down-time.

Minimise OHS risks: As your eyes and ears on the ground 24 hours a day, every day, we can alert you to any potential OHS issues that may arise.

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