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ParkAide Mobile

ParkAide is a mobile phone application especially designed for your customers’ parking convenience. It is a simple “scan, pay and go” solution that makes it easy for your customers, tenants and their visitors when they park their cars.

It makes it easy for you (the owner and/or operator) because the application offers excellent convenience across all parking locations which are connected to the system. That’s not all. This cutting-edge technology brings together geo-location, payment platform and mobile technologies in a single application to facilitate a more convenient and reliable parking experience because of the speed achieved in its processes.


ParkAide Features for Secure Parking Users



Just scan QR codes to enter and leave the car park. ParkAide is a single app from entry to exit. All you need is your mobile phone. No more long queues and wasting your time making parking fee payments.


Book-a-Bay / Valet Express

You can pre-book a bay for your parking before proceeding to your destination.

Reserve the bay an hour before reaching the car park. Additional charges areapplied when you use this premium service. If you need someone to park your vehicle for you, you can also book valet express service.



Using this feature, you can narrow down you search to parking to a specific region and detects the nearest car park of your destination then select a car park that best suits your needs. All the information you need is there at your fingertips. It also shows the number of parking bays available.



Emergency? There is an instant security feature that sends a distress messages to your personalized emergency contact list. Users only need to shake their your phone repeatedly and distress code will be sent in 15 seconds.

With its SOS feature call-out-function. It will significantly improve the overall level of security of our car park.


Find Your Car

ParkAide lets you save the location of your parking bay in the phone. It will tell you the exact location of your car with floor and section number.

Just scan the pillar after you park your car and when you return to the car park, just re-open the app and your car’s location will be displayed. 


Deals Galore

Enjoy best bargains for parking services as well as offers from your favourite stores. ParkAide will help you find the cheapest or closest parking for your destination at the time and date you want to park.


Family Account

Easy account management. Manage multiple users with the fleet account service. This saves you the hassle and cost of overseeing multiple accounts and claims.


Monthly Season Pass

Parkers can opt to replace their pass cards with the use of the ParkAide App to enter or exit the car parks. Parkers can also make monthly fee payments through the App.