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Financial Management


We have invested in the best financial and management services to provide real-time data and information to assist us to identify trends and recommend effective yield management strategies. Our transparent accounting and auditing process accounts for every dollar, delivering you complete trust and security. Driving it all is a highly accredited award-winning team to analyse the data and develop the strategy that will improve your business.



We deliver peace of mind. Our accounting and audit assurance processes guarantees you financial transparency. We are committed to capturing and accounting for every dollar of revenue.

SecureSure is a global best-practice accounting, audit and risk management solution that was born of years of Industry experience.

  • Advanced transaction processing software and fully integrated data capture systems come with automated 
    compliance test safeguards.
  • Operational Excellence assurance reviews assess and address all financial and non-financial quality and risk issues at car park level.
  • External cash collection and banking services providers ensure independence and control over revenue verification methods.
  • Rigorous internal and external auditing at state and national levels keeps Secure Parking ahead of assurance trends.

CPA Knowledge Partner 
The Finance team is supported by a training program that promotes and enables internal learning. The program has been recognised by CPA Australia, resulting in the Secure Parking Finance team being awarded the coveted ‘Knowledge Partner’ status under the Recognised Employer Program.

CFO DealBook Award-winning Team 
The Secure Parking finance team was awarded the prestigious CFO DealBook Finance Team of the Year. This award recognises the Finance Industry team that makes a difference to their organisation and their clients

Shift Cube Reporting 
The Shift Cube Reporting Tool is a business intelligence tool that allows for both real time and predictive analysis and can be used to report on many different dimensions. The Cube aids your business through more flexible data analysis, which in turn enables better decision making and more accurate planning for the future.



Secure Parking works towards developing a structure that is financially beneficial to both parties and ensures we are working towards common goals. We are extremely flexible in terms of the type of arrangements we can work with:

  • Lease
  • Rental
  • Management
  • Labour-hire
  • Profit-share
  • Consignment

We can provide tailored operating and capital funding solutions for all of these arrangements.