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SecureVision Customer Care Centre Operator

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Work Type: casual

The role of Securevision Operator is responsible for the daily operations of the Customer Care Centre including, to operate, monitor and prioritise by assisting customers with enquiries, troubleshooting technical faults, remotely controlling equipment, recording and logging calls and other administrative duties. Customer communications will be via our two- way CCTV and Intercom system, telephone, email and internet.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • To operate and monitor all CCTV cameras and video equipment
  • To record all events and actions monitored from within the control room in a clear, legible and accurate format
  • To monitor and patrol via view screens effectively and to take any appropriate action and notify the national Control Room Manager when appropriate
  • Ensure all equipment is functioning correctly, carry out equipment checks as required, and immediately inform all required personnel of faults found
  • To maintain personal integrity and confidentiality of all information obtained within the control room, at all times, whether written, verbal or by any other means
  • To maintain the control room in a neat and clean condition
  • Ensure that all work is undertaken in compliance with the operating procedures, current legislation and the codes of practice.
  • Ensure that someone is in the control room at all times (except in emergencies)
  • Programming of permanent parker cards

Other Duties

  • Establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relationships with colleagues and managers.
  • Comply with Secure Parking's workplace health and safety policies, procedures and instructions to ensure a safe workplace.
  • Be aware of and demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equal opportunity in the workplace.
  • Participate in staff training and development activities to assist in the achievement of individual and work objectives. This includes an expectation that all employees will learn and utilise new technology.
  • Undertake other reasonable duties as assigned and appropriate, including the acceptance of a change in job function associated with any technological advancement.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Level of customer satisfaction as indicated by customer or client feedback
  • Organisation and professional attitude
  • Total number of calls handled / hour
  • Quality of response to customer especially when customer is challenging

Selection Criteria

  1. Excellent English in oral and written communications skills
  2. High levels of computer literacy and data entry
  3. An outwardly and friendly personality
  4. The highest level of customer service and professionalism
  5. A genuine and enthusiastic commitment to working as a part of a team
  6. Flexibility in working to an agreed shift pattern to cover 24 hours over 365 days
  7. Initiative, common sense and fast decision making skills
  8. Reliability
  9. Participate in staff training and development activities, learn and utilise new technology.